Channel D is a vehicle for writer-singer Nick de Grunwald

Growing up, Nick was always looking for an escape from the claustrophobia of his teens and twenties. He realised he was on a quest to find beauty, and music was his key to finding that beauty.

Initially, he found it in the almost mystical harmony of the Everly Brothers, in the roar and the poetry of Van Morrison, in the hush of Nick Drake, the interplay of the Go-Betweens, and in the stories and songs of Warren Zevon.

Later on it was in the sadness dressed in happy clothes of St Thomas, and in the darkness of Eels and of Mark Lanegan that it was to be found. In other areas of music, he discovered it in the raucous shriek of Grinderman and in the spirituality of John Taverner and much music in between.

Music was to play a huge part in Nick’s life and career but initially not as a musician.  Over two decades, Nick produced numerous documentary films, celebrating some of the most iconic music ever made.

All his life Nick has written, (poems, songs etc) but it was only when circumstances and events conspired that his songs were forced out in an unstoppable flow…world events that he found too painful to try to live with, but also in events in his personal life, specifically the illness of someone very close to him which led to a complete change in his life.

Around this time, he was introduced to Tim Wills, multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer, and in Tim he found someone who could really help get his songs out of his head and into musical reality. Tim introduced Nick to a range of great musicians who Tim knew would complement Nick’s vision and songs. Since then, Nick and Tim have slowly painstakingly been compiling a catalogue of his work, working when they can get together.